Woww!! A Full Website just about me!! Coool...

Being a good programmer is 3% talent & 97% not being distracted by the internet.

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Recent Work

Just A Rather Very Intelligent System

Jarvis is your Personal Virtual assistant can help you, making your work easy.
We are goin to use speech-to-text and text-to-speech api's. We will add some bash script and some python scripts to do some basic works like writing email may be.
there is lot of work to done for making it working if you want to contribute, you are welcome

Still in development phase.

Github Link

Aset Alias Native App

Its a Native app for club Aset Alias.

Github Link

Amizone Feedback [Chrome extension]

Chrome Extension that fill Amizone faculty Feedback form itself
PS:Amizone is a website by Amity University for Amity students

Chrome Store Link


Amityhub is a website to provide Notes to Amity Students
Website has alredy got 2lakh+ hites in less then 2 years

Website Link

Python Package

PyouPlay You can play any youtube video from python script
without using youtube api, just pass a argument and video will play itself.

Link to package on PyPl

Get In Touch

So, want to have a talk ping me. I'm 24*7 online type...